Luca Verre gives a keynote speech at Image Sensors Europe

The Image Sensors conference in London draws a great crowd of experts in sensor technology every year since it is a terrific way to gain insights from a wide range of innovators from across the digital imaging supply chain.

This year, speakers from places like CERN, IMEC, Amazon, Sony, Panasonic and On Semiconductor brought fresh thinking and new ideas to the forum.

Luca Verre delivered a keynote speech on wide-scale adoption of event-based vision processing technology. He talked about the real tangible benefits with this approach, in which the key is processing less data than traditional machine vision systems do today.

This is critical given the speeds we need to achieve in areas like autonomous driving and industrial automation, for which low data processing is key. Our approach functions like the human eye and brain in that it only processes information that changes in a scene. The result is a reduction of up to 1000x in the volume of data that needs to be processed.


This significantly improves the performance and power consumption in machine visions systems, with vision sensing happening at the sub millisecond time scale and power consumption of less than 10Mw in various use-cases. These types of capabilities will broaden the use of high-performance machine vision to more types of products that improve the safety and quality of life for everyone.