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2019 – Prophesee raises $28 million for machine vision sensors that mimic the human eye

2019 – Prophesee lève 25 millions d’euros et porte ainsi à 60 millions d’euros le total des fonds levés par la start-up

2019 – Event-Driven Vision Hits Production Lines

2019 – Radio interview with Europe1

2019 – Prophesee sécurise 25 millions d’euros et déploie ses capteurs dans l’industrie

2019 – Prophesee lève 25 millions et affiche de nouvelles ambitions

2019 – Prophesee releases industrial-grade neuromorphic sensor

Prophesee investor

2019 – Luca Verre presenting at Embedded Vision Summit

2019 – 10 hottest startups from Paris to watch out

Prophesee investor

2019 – French Tech “A cure for the blind” feat. Luca Verre

2019 – Imago releases camera based on neuromorphic sensor

2019 – Luca Verre at NOAH19

Prophesee investor

2018 – The key to safety in autonomous vehicles is the right data, not more of it

2018 – Luca Verre interview by BFM business

2018 – Reference System Abets Event-Based Machine Vision

Prophesee investor

2018 – Luca Verre gives a talk at Web Summit

2018 – Interview by Nasdaq

2018 – Prophesee Foresees Event-Driven CIS, Lidar

2018 – Development board offered for event-based vision

2018 – Machine Vision System Can Track Vibrations for Production Monitoring

Prophesee partner

2018 – Luca Verre interview for the Innovation Prize by Télécom Paris Tech

2017 – Time to Rethink Computer Vision

Prophesee investor

2017 – How A New Generation Of Machines Will ‘See’ Like Humans

2017 – Quick-Thinking AI Camera Mimics the Human Brain

2016 – Intel Capital invests $38 million in 12 tech startups

2016 – Chronocam secures $15M to power its ‘biological eye’ computer vision system

Prophesee investor

2015 – How Neuromorphic Image Sensors Steal Tricks From the Human Eye

Interview With Christoph Posch From Chronocam