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2024 – Luca Verre, PDG et cofondateur de Prophesee

Vision Systems Design

2024 – Le français Prophesee and Bpifrance investissent 15 millions pour développer une IA neuromorphique

2024 – Prophesee investit 15 millions d’euros avec Bpifrance pour fabriquer son prochain capteur en France

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2024 – Prophesee/AMD deliver machine vision starter kit

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2024 – Ultraleap partners with Prophesee and TCL RayNeo to develop usable AR glasses

2024 – New approaches needed for Power Management

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2024 – Prophesee has event-based machine vision dev kit for AMD Kria

Prophesee investor

2024 – Prophesee packages event-based sensor with AMD vision AI kit

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2024 – Throw your camera in the trash. AI is here to make photography better

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2024 – Top 10 MEMS and sensors

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2024 – Look At Something, Ask a Question, Hear an Answer: Welcome to the Future

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2024 – That’s a wrap! (Mobile World Congress 2024)

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2024 – Prophesee veut pénétrer le marché XR dès cette année avec son capteur GenX320

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2024 – Prophesee’s metavision® image deblur solution for smartphones is now production-ready

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2024 – Innovative Tech Abounds at Mobile World Congress 2024

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2024 – This New Technology Aims to Eliminate Blurry Photos

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2024 – This smartphone camera sensor could make blurry photos a thing of the past

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2024 – SPIE Photonics West 2024: New launches

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2024 – All roads lead to vision for AI-powered industrial processes

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2024 – Spatial Computing Experts Unite at SPIE 2024

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2024 – Zinn Labs announces event-based gaze-tracking system for AI-enabled XR devices

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2024 – Photonics Tech Shines at CES 2024

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2024 – Prophesee’s partner Zinn Labs announces event-based gaze-tracking system for AI-enabled smart frames and VR/MR systems

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2024 – This mobile phone sensor banishes blurred photos forever!

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2024 – This mobile phone sensor banishes blurred photos forever!

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2024 – Prophesee and Qualcomm Revolutionize Smartphone Cameras with Neuromorphic Vision Technology

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2024 – Prophesee set to demo Metavision image deblur sensors

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2024 – Prophesee‘s deblur solution for smartphones is now production-ready

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2024 – Prophesee’s Metavision® Image Deblur Solution for Smartphones is now production-ready

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2024 – This mobile phone sensor banishes blurred photos forever!

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2024 – Prophesee looks to neuromorphic AI in smartphones

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2024 – Zinn Labs Announces Event-Based Gaze-Tracking System for AI-Enabled Smart Frames and VR/MR Systems

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2024 – Electronic Products announces winners of the 2023 Product of the Year Awards

2024 – These 3 Hardware Startups Brought Engineering Ingenuity to the CES Stage

2024 – Ultraleap, Prophesee to demo AR event-based vision system at CES

2023 – Event-Based Vision Sensor For Energy-Efficient Edge AI

2023 – Prophesee’s 5th Generation Sensors Detect Motion Instead of Images for Industrial, Robotic, and Consumer Applications

2023 – Prophesee Reinvents DVS Camera For AIoT Applications

2023 – Prophesee Unveil Innovative GenX320 Event-Based Vision Sensor

2022 – Prophesee miniaturise son capteur de vision neuromorphique pour l’IoT et les systèmes embarqués

2022 – New Event-Based Vision Sensor Deemed ‘Smallest and Most Power-Efficient’

2022 – Event-based vision sensor caters to edge AI

2023 – Prophesee launches the world’s smallest and most power-efficient event-based vision sensor

2023 – Prophesee dévoile son nouveau capteur GenX320, capteur neuromorphique le plus petit et le plus économe

2023 – Event-based vision sensor targets Edge AI

2023 – Prophesee lance son nouveau capteur évènementiel

2023 – Prophesee Launches Event-Based Vision Sensor designed for low power Edge/AI vision system applications

2023 – Prophesee launches event-based vision sensor for consumer Edge-AI devices

2023 – Prophesee shipping neuromorphic event-based edge vision sensor

2023 – This Tiny Sensor Could Be in Your Next Headset

2023 – Prophesee unveils latest sensor, aimed at consumer products, IoT

2023 – Prophesee part à la conquête de l’IoT et de la réalité immersive avec son nouveau capteur événementiel GenX320

2023 – Event-based sensor for ‘always-on’ video, low-power apps

2023 – Prophesee unveils event-based sensor for ultra-low power edge AI vision devices

2023 – Human Vision Inspires a New Generation of Cameras—And More

2023 – A Primer on Neuromorphic Computing

2023 – Prophesee addresses high growth market demand for AI-enabled vision systems with strengthening of leadership team and new organizational alignment

2023 – From Smartphones to AR Headsets, Xiaomi Invests in French Startups Betting on Sensor Revolution

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2023 – iCatch Technology partners with Prophesee to launch iEVCam: World’s first event-based smart camera developer kit

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2023 – Industry leaders answer questions from university student at AMNC23

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2023 – Leading European Image Sensor Technologies Companies

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2023 – Prophesee revolutionizing Vision Systems with Neuromorphic Technology

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2023 – Prophesee’s CEO Luca Verre Named to the Photonics 100 List

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2023 – Prophesee’s EVK4 Wins Product of the Year Award

Prophesee investor

2023 – Qualcomm partners with Prophesee to bring neuromorphic imaging to smartphones

2023- Prophesee Introduces ‘Inventors Community’ to Showcase Customer Innovation

Vision Systems Design

2023 – Prophesee, la pépite française qui s’impose dans les smartphones

2023 – L’écosystème French Tech a rendez-vous à l’Élysée – 20/02

Vision Systems Design

2023 – Next40/FT120 : qui sont les lauréats 2023 ?

2023 – Les lauréats de l’édition 2023 du label Next40/French Tech 120 ont été dévoilés

Vision Systems Design

2023 – Challenges and Emerging Applications for Deep Learning/AI

Prophesee investor

2023 – Prophesee working with Qualcomm on neuromorphic vision technologies

Prophesee investor

2023 – Prophesee’s Big Three: Sony, Qualcomm and Smartphones

Prophesee investor

2023 – Qualcomm partnership teases smart camera sensors that would make blurry shots a thing of the past

Prophesee investor

2023 – Neuromorphic vision sensors are coming to smartphones

2023 – Camera chip startup Prophesee and Qualcomm sign multi-year deal

Prophesee investor

2023 – Prophesee teams with Qualcomm on faster event-based smartphone cameras

2023 – Prophesee is a key player in driving automation through image sensor innovations

Vision Systems Design

2023 – Prophesee leads the adoption of event cameras in the consumer market, enabling a new era of photography

Prophesee investor

2023 – Prophesee Metavision in Best of MWC 2023 Awards: The best products from the show

2022 – 6 Best Stories of 2022: Sally Ward-Foxton

2022 – This chip startup wants machines to see the world the way humans do. Check out the 13-slide pitch deck Prophesee used to raise $50 million.

2022 – Advances In Computer Vision Propel Transportation Autonomy

2022 – Illuminating the space junk problem

2022 – Deep tech : Prophesee lève 50 millions de dollars pour son capteur bio-inspiré

2022 – Prophesee launches Event-Based Vision evaluation kit based on new Sony IMX636ES HD sensor realized in collaboration between Sony and Prophesee

2022 – Prophesee, Partners Deliver Field-programmable Gate Array Platform

2022 – A sense of purpose

2022 – New Computer Chips Could Process More Like Your Brain Does

2022 – Tracking How the Event Camera Is Evolving

2022 – MVPro 29 | Reflect | November 2022

2022 – Prophesee lève 50 millions d’euros pour développer ses capteurs optiques

2022 – Luca Verre (Prophesee): Prophesee va développer des capteurs optiques à destination de l’industrie – 23/09 (

2022 – Seven Hardware Advances We Need To Enable The AI Revolution

2022 – Retour sur la success-story de la deeptech Prophesee qui vient de lever 50 millions d’euros pour sa technologie de vision évènementielle

Vision Systems Design

2021 – Neuromorphic Developers Partner to Integrate Sensor, Processor

Vision Systems Design

2021 – Le goût, l’odorat, l’ouïe… L’IoT prend tous ces sens

Vision Systems Design

2021 – Neuromorphic pioneer recognised at Vision Stuttgart

2021 – Winner of the VISION Award Announced

Vision Systems Design

2021 – Sony releases event-based sensors with Prophesee

2021 – Prophesee Image Chip Is Motion Sensitive

Vision Systems Design

2021 – 25 leaders transforming manufacturing

2021 – Open source library for event-driven AI vision

2021 – Event driven image sensor boosts drone safety

2021 – Prophesee Receives Funds from AI Guru, Eyes China for Growth

2020 – Development kit for neuromorphic sensor from Prophesee provides algorithms and code for event-driven vision processing

Prophesee investor

2020 – Framos to distribute Prophesee event-based vision products

2020 – Bringing Neuromorphic Vision to the Edge

2019 – Prophesee releases industrial-grade neuromorphic sensor

2019 – Luca Verre at NOAH19

2019 – Imago releases camera based on neuromorphic sensor

2019 – Prophesee lève 25 millions et affiche de nouvelles ambitions

2021 – Embedded Intelligence Empowers Image Sensors

2021 – IEEE Spectrum’s biggest semiconductor headlines of 2021

Vision Systems Design

2021 – Imago counts the ways it loves event-based vision

2021 – Luca Verre: ‘Being Resilient and Thinking Out of the Box Are Key’

Vision Systems Design

2021 – Prophesee releases open-source event-based software library

2021 – Evaluation kit for Sony event-based sensor

2021 – Terranet : Capitalizing on Momentous Growth, Terranet Enters Various Strategic Partnerships as Ultra-Fast VoxelFlow™ Tech Rapidly Develops

2021 – Xperi Develops World-first In-cabin Monitoring Technologies on Neuromorphic Vision Systems

2021 – Prophesee releases open-source event-based software library

2021 – Automate Forward: Top Three Exhibitors

Vision Systems Design
2021 – Prophesee introduces Inventors Community showcasing breadth of creativity and applications driven by its Event-Based Metavision(R) technology
Vision Systems Design

2021 – Neuromorphic vision takes on diverse applications

2021 – Prophesee Introduces ‘Inventors Community’ to Showcase Customer Innovation

2020 – Prophesee Touts Toolkit for Event-based Vision

2018 – Machine Vision System Can Track Vibrations for Production Monitoring

Prophesee partner

2018 – Luca Verre interview for the Innovation Prize by Télécom Paris Tech

2017 – Time to Rethink Computer Vision

Prophesee investor

2017 – How A New Generation Of Machines Will ‘See’ Like Humans

2017 – Quick-Thinking AI Camera Mimics the Human Brain

2016 – Intel Capital invests $38 million in 12 tech startups

Prophesee investor

2015 – How Neuromorphic Image Sensors Steal Tricks From the Human Eye

Prophesee investor

2019 – Luca Verre presenting at Embedded Vision Summit

2019 – 10 hottest startups from Paris to watch out

2018 – Prophesee Foresees Event-Driven CIS, Lidar

2018 – Interview by Nasdaq

Prophesee investor

2018 – Luca Verre gives a talk at Web Summit

2019 – Prophesee sécurise 25 millions d’euros et déploie ses capteurs dans l’industrie

2019 – Prophesee raises $28 million for machine vision sensors that mimic the human eye

Prophesee investor

2019 – French Tech “A cure for the blind” feat. Luca Verre

Prophesee investor

2018 – The key to safety in autonomous vehicles is the right data, not more of it

2019 – Prophesee lève 25 millions d’euros et porte ainsi à 60 millions d’euros le total des fonds levés par la start-up

2020 – ソニーとプロフェシー、積層型イベントベースビジョンセンサーを開発

2018 – Luca Verre interview by BFM business

2020 – La technologie du français Prophesee séduit Sony

2019 – Radio interview with Europe1

Prophesee investor

2020 – L’oeil caméra

Prophesee investor

2020 – Prophesee releases software kit for event-based imaging

Prophesee investor

2020 – La deep tech Prophesee annonce un partenariat avec Sony pour son capteur neuromorphique

EET China

2021 – 10000 fps vision sensor : Open the pandora’s box of Machine Vision

Vision Systems Design

2021 – Prophesee honored with 2021 Robotics Innovation Award from Robot Business Review

2019 – Event-Driven Vision Hits Production Lines

Prophesee investor

2020 – Prophesee’s Event-Based Camera Reaches High Resolution

2021 – Event-Based Camera Chips Are Here, What’s Next?

2021 – Prophesee Showcases Neuromorphic Vision Systems from Biotech to Space Debris

Quality Magazine

2021 – Event-Based Vision: Taking a Cue From Biology

2021 – Stacked event-based image sensors provide efficient data acquisition

Vision Systems Design

2021 – Kai-Fu Lee’s first Europe Bet

Prophesee investor

2021 – How are event-based cameras changing the world of Industrial Automation?

Vision Systems Design

2021 – It’s Rethink or Sink for Prophesee

2021 – Intelligence Artificielle : six pépites made in France

2021 – MVPro Media interview with Prophesee

2020 – Sony, Prophesee Open ‘Pandora’s Box’ in AI Sensing

Vision Systems Design

2021 – The Rise of Driver Monitoring Camera Market

2021 – Intelligence Artificielle : six pépites made in France
2021 – Prophesee teams for event driven vision in IoT

2021 – Prophesee & Macnica to Market Event-Based Vision Technology

2021 – 2021 in Review: EMEA Startup Funding Deals


03/31/2021 – CN – 普诺飞思推出基于事件视觉的开源软件库OpenEB,提供全新开发工具

03/31/2021 – EN – Prophesee releases OpenEB, the industry’s largest open-source Event-Based Vision software library, and new development tools for Event-Based Machine Learning

11/05/2020 – EN – Prophesee ecosystem partner CenturyArks launches first industrial-grade camera featuring native compatibility with both Prophesee’s Event-Based Vision sensor and software

 11/05/2020 – CN – 璞飞思(Prophesee)的生态系统合作伙伴CenturyArks,推出首款工业级相机,具有与璞飞思(Prophesee)基于事件的视觉传感器和Metavision@智能套件相兼容

09/29/2020 -EN- Prophesee and FRAMOS Sign an Agreement to Expand Sales and Support for Prophesee Metavision® Solutions

09/23/2020 -JP- Prophesee は、イベントベースビジョン アプリケーションの総合 SW 開発ツールであ
る Metavision® Intelligence を発表します。

09/23/2020 -EN- Prophesee Launches Metavision® Intelligence Suite, the Industry’s Most Comprehensive Software Tool Kit for Developing Event-Based Vision Applications

05/14/2020 -JP- DMPPropheseeイベントベースビジョンセンサー使った組込みマシンビジョンおよび人工知能

05/14/2020 – EN- Prophesee & DMP partner to accelerate development of embedded machine vision and AI

02/19/2020 – EN – PROPHESEE and SONY Announce Joint Development Of Event-Based Vision Sensor

02/19/2020 – JP – ソニーとProphesee(プロフェシー) 業界最小 画素、業界最高 HDR 特性の積層型イベントベースビジョンセンサーを開発

10/28/2019 – EN – PROPHESEE closes $28M in funding

28/10/2019 – FR – PROPHESEE annonce une levée de fonds de €25M

2019年10月28日 – JP – PROPHESEE は新たに$28Mの資金調達を完了させ

09/25/2019 – PROPHESEE introduces the first Event-Based Vision sensor…