Our engineers and programmers invent the future of vision technologies with the most advanced neuromorphic vision systems in the world.

Inspired by the human vision and built on the foundations of neuromorphic engineering, PROPHESEE is the revolutionary system that gives metavision to machines, revealing what was invisible to them.

Our vision sensors, inspired by the functioning of the human retina, address the limitations of conventional vision sensors by enabling real-time detection of the scene’s dynamic content and by acquiring only what is necessary. This is the event-based approach to vision.

We’re looking for unique talented people who are willing to keep pushing the limits every day.


Care to change the world with us?

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Located 74 avenue Faubourg Saint-Antoine, in “Le passage de l’innovation” within iBionext’s start-up studio, Paris – France.


A former woodworking workshop built in 1860, now home to 8 highly-innovative start-ups, all dedicated to inventing the future of vision technology, bio-technology, neuro sciences and more.


Indice d’égalité professionnelle (Février 2022) : Prophesee, engagé pour l’égalité professionnelle !

Le score d’indice d’égalité professionelle de Prophesee est de 73/100 fin 2021, soit une hausse de 4 points par rapport à fin 2020. Nous travaillons activement pour continuer à améliorer ce score et faire de Prophesee une entreprise où l’ensemble des salariés, femmes, hommes, bénéficient des mêmes opportunités.