Our engineers and programmers invent the future of vision technologies with the most advanced neuromorphic vision system in the world.

 Inspired by the human vision and built on the foundations of neuromorphic engineering, PROPHESEE is the revolutionary system that gives metavision to machines, revealing what was invisible to them.


Our vision sensors, inspired by the functioning of the human retina, address the limitations of conventional vision sensors by enabling real-time detection of the scene’s dynamic content and by acquiring only what is necessary. This is the event-based approach to vision.


We’re looking for unique talented people who are willing to keep pushing the limits every day.


 Care to change the world with us?


Teams & Open Positions

R&D computer vision jobs

Research & Development 

Computer Vision Engineer

The ideal candidate is a creative software individual with a proven experience in implementing Computer Vision in a startup or corporate environment.


  • Bring research algorithms to the real world
  • Work on several projects simultaneously, some short-term, some long-term
  • Interact continuously with the product teams to make sure you conjointly design the best implementation possible
  • Contribute to the business development activities of pre-sales interacting with customers for any technical aspects issued during the preliminary discussions until the closure of the deal
  • Work innovatively and creatively within the group with a focus on protecting innovation and IP through patents


  • PhD in the field of computer vision or machine learning,
  • or, PhD in another field with a proven experience in computer vision
  • 5+ years working experience in computer vision
  • Experience in conducting research or advanced projects outside of academia
  • Awareness of the state of the art of machine learning, from standard methods to its latest developments
  • Awareness of event-based computer vision
  • Knowledge of C++ and Python (Matlab is a nice to have)
  • Experience using OpenCV

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Senior Hardware Algorithm Engineer

In this role, you will use your hardware/software engineering expertise to help solve complex problems, design and optimize algorithms and rethink them into area and power efficient ASIC solutions.

You will work closely with computer vision engineers and RTL designers as well as other software engineers to plan and discover new opportunities for hardware development.

Job Responsibilities

  • Rethink algorithms written for a x86/ARM world to hardware, considering memory constraints.
  • Design, implement and optimize algorithms turning them into low-power custom hardware using custom C-models or high-level synthesis tools.
  • Validate the approximations (fixed point, limited bit range, etc.) done for constructing the hardware-friendly version of the algorithm.



  • MS/PhD degree in computer science, electrical engineering, computer engineering with 2+ years of industry experience.
  • Experience in low-level C/C++ design suitable for hardware implementations
  • Able to convert an idea into a prototype efficiently, optimize its cost and drive the hardware implementation
  • Proven experience in hardware IP architecture and/or algorithm implementation and optimization
  • Awareness of SOC/IC design architecture and digital design flow (design, verification, area/timing/power optimization)

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Senior Analog/Mixed-Signal IC Design Engineer



  • Implement the full analog/mixed-signal IC development cycle (concept, specification, system design, transistor-level circuit design, analog and mixed–mode simulation, layout, verification, validation).
  • Perform analog/mixed-signal simulations on circuit level (Spice) and system level (VHDL-A/Verilog-A/SystemC/Matlab).
  • Design low-power CMOS circuits for sensor systems and sensor signal processing
  • Perform full custom silicon layout & verification of specific blocks.
  • Participate to characterization of integrated circuits.
  • Prepare detailed written specifications, test protocols and test reports.
  • Work in close collaboration with the whole R&D team.
  • Ensuring compliance with the Quality System.
  • Work on several projects simultaneously with varying scope.
  • Contribute to the support activities for any technical post-sales issues.
  • Keep up to date with new standards and general market information in the Industry.
  • Work innovatively and creatively within the group with a particular focus on protecting innovation and IP through the patent process.
  • Participate in Technology / Supplier / Tool Selection
  • Participate in developing methodologies and flow efficiencies.



Education and qualifications: MSc or PhD in Electrical or Computer Engineering, Physics or similar

Experience: 5+ years of hands-on experience in CMOS transistor-level and system-level design, circuit simulation and layout.


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Software Engineer


  • Develop measurement and test automation routines for existing and future company products.
  • Maintain existing characterization and test SW environments, while expanding and improving this environment for the upcoming needs.
  • Expand functionality of the characterization and test SW framework.
  • Release and deploy new developments of the characterization and test framework internal to and potentially outside the company network infrastructure.
  • Setup and enable access to a result storage database for data retrieval, processing and report generation.
  • Define SW and scripting coding guidelines, development rules and methodologies and ensure it gets deployed across your co-developers and framework users.
  • Report about your plan, your status and your results in a comprehensive manner to a cross functional team environment including HW, firmware, SW and business-oriented stakeholders.
  • Identify bugs and problems and report them to the stakeholders such that corrective actions can be taken. Propose an effective solution and participate in the strategic discussions on how to solve such issues with a long term vision in mind.
  • Support project teams during product development phase with a variety of customers and partners
  • Be able to work autonomously but behave as a team-player. You can have a large impact on the effectiveness and success of the Industrialization team and, by extension, the entire company.



  • Master’s degree in physics, electrical engineering or computer science
  • Experience in automating tests for hardware devices, including unit tests
  • Confidence using sensors and measurement devices
  • Programming devices at register-level from a datasheet
  • Deep knowledge of either Python or Matlab
  • Strong developer experience on Linux and C++
  • Developer experience on Windows
  • Accuracy and attention to detail
  • Skilled communicator – need to interact with multiple teams

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computer vision jobs

Operations & Support

Business development jobs in computer vision

Business & Product

Product Director - Automotive Vision Systems


  • Own Prophesee’s computer vision products targeting Automotive segment. Drive roadmaps, system definition, development and launch.
  • Be an expert in aspects of product design, technology and business
  • Drive product vision throughout the lifecycle and establish a general framework for making product decisions (set priorities and product requirements boundaries and orient technical choices with considerations including time-to-market, scope, cost, and competitiveness
  • Orchestrate the various activities and disciplines to ensure product delivery to customer’s needs and requirements. Foster collaboration and cohesiveness across all team members
  • Throughout all stages of the product development process, use insight into market trends and competition to set key product specifications.
  • Articulate the product vision across all levels of the organization, including executive leadership, development and implementation teams
  • Investigate, select, and drive the development of products liaising with the sensor, computer vision and software engineering teams
  • Manage one or more products or lines of products within the targeted segment
  • Liaise with customers to understand the problems the product is intended to solve and translate market requirements into product specifications.

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Field Application Engineer

As a Field Application Engineer, you’re the main technical interface between the customer and development team, making sure user experience is always as good as possible.

  • Build and maintain a trusted partnership with customers
  • Gather customer feedback and enhancement requests. Ensure answers are provided as fast as possible.
  • Participate to the engagements scheduling and pricing, setting expectations on delivery and next steps
  • Creates account documentation including reports, proposals, business assessments and recommendations.
  • Perform technical product training for clients.
  • Provide regular analysis of customer cases, trends and other key metrics to both internal and external stakeholders.
  • Build product documentation, maintaining FAQ, keeping datasheets up-to-date, etc.

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Senior Application Engineer – Automotive Sensors and Hardware (Grenoble Offices)


As a Senior Application Engineer, you ensure that all technology development is well focused on the company roadmap and customer needs. With you practical and hands-on approach, you play a key role to evaluate our products as a system. Deployment and setup of event-based vision systems in real vehicles is an essential part of the work, both for internal evaluation and customer support.

You’ll join a growing team addressing the entire stack of event-based perception: sensing, digital computing, embedded software & computer vision. With your expertise on Vision Sensors and Hardware you are responsible for the hardware part of our automotive products. You collaborate with automotive System and Software application engineers to perform system wide optimization

You close the loop with our sensor and digital R&D teams and are responsible for the integration of their latest developments in automotive systems. Early prototypes of digital IPs might be integrated in the form FPGA modules to accelerate the evaluation of full perception systems. You set up the evaluation of the sensor & hardware components and deliver corresponding Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) to help define the short and mid-term developments priorities. You have a creative mindset and you can easily set up concrete vision systems in various testing conditions (customer vehicles, benchmarks, test tracks, …).

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Senior Vision Application Engineer


As an Application Engineer, you’re ensuring that computer vision development is well focused on customer’s needs. Your knowledge of Computer Vision as well as gathering feedbacks from the development team and customers, will ensure the short and mid-term priorities for the computer vision team are set.

• Maintain expert level of product knowledge and applications.
• Articulate technology and product positioning to both business and technical users.
• Listen, understand and convey customer requirements.
• Travel to project sites to preform start-up, integration and training services.
• Define and maintain Key Performance Indicators and Dataset for evaluation of Computer Vision team algorithms

• Creates account documentation including reports, proposals, business assessments and recommendations.

• Populate SCRUM development team backlog with user stories
• Identify customer’s needs and sales opportunities to help future growth
• Develop demos

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A former woodworking workshop built in 1860, now home to 8 highly-innovative start-ups, all dedicated to inventing the future of vision technology, bio-technology, neuro sciences and more.