Prophesee welcomes Japan’s Minister of science and technology 

Prophesee was recently invited to host “Pitch to the Minister: HIRAI Pitch”. Mr. Takuya Hirai, Japan’s Minister is in charge of Science and Technology Policy, Information Technology Policy, Space Policy, the Intellectual Property Strategy, and “Cool Japan” Strategy. Pitch to the Minister is an initiative created by the minister to exchange ideas and have discussions around the future of innovation in technology as well as the start-up ecosystem in Japan.

We presented to Mr. Hirai and 11 other Japanese officials from the Minister delegation and JETRO. We discussed how Event-Based Vision solutions will impact innovation and industry 4.0 in Japan as well as ways of making it easier for French and other foreign start-ups to conduct business in Japan. 

Since Mr. Hirai was appointed as the Minister last October, he has conducted “Pitch to the Minister: HIRAI Pitch” more than 60 times in Japan. Friday’s HIRAI Pitch in Paris was the first time outside Japan.

For more on Mr. Hirai and his cabinet visit their website.