Luca Verre top 25 leaders

Luca Verre, among the 25 leaders transforming manufacturing

Luca Verre Top 25 leaders

Congratulations to our CEO, Luca Verre who has been recognized among the top 25 leaders transforming manufacturing by SME.

Today, manufacturing needs changes, it has to be smarter. Making those changes are hard and the need of leaders who can make this happen can not be underestimated.
SME just made a selection of 25 leaders who answer this need, taking in account the fact that big change is happening inside large corporations, startups, public-private partnerships, and standards organizations.

As Editor Ilene Wolff said, “making changes in the industry can be arduous, but exciting, and we are glad to see Event-Based Vision being recognized for significantly improving the performance and power efficiency of machine vision applications in industrial automation.

Luca Verre came with a new approach of machine vision. Prophesee’s technology, inspired by the functionning of the human retina, does not follow the classical image-by-image principle. Prophesee designed pixels that operate like the retina’s photoreceptors. They are independant and asynchronous, so they will react only if there are changes in the scene. This allows us to drasticaly reduce the amount of data acquired by a factor of 10 or 1000. Everything is done in an analog process with temporal precision in the microseconds. It is as if we had a camera operating at 10,000 – 100,000 images per second.

Also, our sensor combined to our software, the Metavision® Intelligence Suite, allows us to revolutionize machine vision thanks to our 95 algorithms, 67 code samples, 11 ready-to-use applications.

“It can be applied to a range of smart manufacturing functions, such as high-speed counting, vibration monitoring for predictive maintenance and spatter monitoring for live quality control,” says Luca Verre.