Prophesee Wins Prestigious 2021 VISION Award for latest generation neuromorphic-enabled event-based sensor platform

Company’s commercialization of “new paradigm” for enabling better performance, efficiency and reliability in machine vision recognized at VISION event

STUTTGART – October 6, 2021 – Prophesee SA, inventor of the most advanced neuromorphic vision systems, has been named the winner of the prestigious VISION Award, announced today at the VISION Show. Sponsored by Imaging and Machine Vision Europe, the award recognizes innovation in machine vision. The judges cited Prophesee for making great strides with its event-based sensing, which advances machine vision capabilities over traditional frame-based approaches.

Martin Wäny of the judging panel called event-based vision a ‘new paradigm’ in imaging technology, one that’s been worked on for 20 years, but is now coming to fruition through the efforts of Prophesee.

We thank VISION and IMVE for this recognition amongst a very impressive field of candidate who are all doing incredible work. We feel this represents an acknowledgement that event-based vision has reached a new juncture of commercial acceptance and success,” said Luca Verre, co-founder and CEO of Prophesee. “While we are extremely proud of the truly disruptive technical innovation we have been able to deliver with our Metavision platform, we are also as pleased to see the growing ecosystem around event-based vision. We are seeing tremendous support and engagement from from software developers, commercial product designers in a wide range of application areas, researchers, entrepreneurs, system integration partners, camera makers and global leaders in machine vision like Sony, Framos, Imago, Century ARKS, Macnica, and our newest partner Lucid Vision Labs.”


At the core of Prophesee solution is its Metavision sensors. Inspired by the human retina, each pixel of the Metavision sensor embeds its own intelligence and activates themselves independently, triggering events. They asynchronously detect luminance changes for each pixel and output the changed data. This is combined with information on pixel position (xy coordinates) and time, thereby enabling high-speed, low latency data output. Its sensors capture up to 1,000 times fewer data than a conventional sensor, while achieving a higher equivalent temporal resolution of 10,000 fps.

The Metavision sensor is a third generation 640 x 480 VGA event-based sensor, and Prophesee has also partnered with Sony Semiconductor Solutions to integrate the Prophesee advantages with a new generation stacked HD event-based vision sensor co-developed with Sony. Prophesee has released two evaluation kits specifically for this architecture that gives developers early access to the sensor, which features 4.86µm pixel pitch and 1,280 x 720 pixel resolution.

Imaging and Machine Vision Europe sponsors the €3,000 award, and Warren Clark, the company’s publishing director, gave his congratulations to Prophesee remotely during a session presenting the four companies shortlisted for the award. The Austrian Institute of Technology, HD Vision Systems and Zeiss were shortlisted by the judges from a total of 44 submissions.

About Prophesee

Prophesee is the inventor of the world’s most advanced neuromorphic vision systems.

The company developed a breakthrough Event-Based Vision approach to machine vision. This new vision category allows for significant reductions of power, latency and data processing requirements to reveal what was invisible to traditional frame-based sensors until now.

Prophesee’s patented Metavision® sensors and algorithms mimic how the human eye and brain work to dramatically improve efficiency in areas such as autonomous vehicles, industrial automation, IoT, security and surveillance, and AR/VR.

Prophesee is based in Paris, with local offices in Grenoble, Shanghai, Tokyo and Silicon Valley. The company is driven by a team of more than 100 visionary engineers, holds more than 50 international patents and is backed by leading international equity and corporate investors including 360 Capital Partners, European Investment Bank, iBionext, Inno-Chip, Intel Capital, Renault Group, Robert Bosch Venture Capital, Sinovation, Supernova Invest, Xiaomi.

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