The ultra high-speed,
low latency IMX636 Kria KV260 starter kit

Take full advantage of Prophesee Event-based Metavision® Sensor and AI performance, power and speed to create the
next generation of Edge AI machine vision applications.

Experience exceptional computer vision performance with industry-first Event-based Vision solution running on market-leading FPGA-based AMD Kria™ Vision AI platform.

Evaluate and execute rapid product development of event based embedded vision systems thanks to plug-and-play hardware, software drivers and powerful customizable application algorithm examples.



>10k fps

Time resolution equivalent


Dynamic Range

0.08 Lux

Low light cutoff

Metavision® Starter Kit – KV260

Ultra high speed and low latency HD embedded vision system built on AMD Kria KV260

With IMX636 realized in collaboration between Sony and PROPHESEE.


  • Development kit Sony/Prophesee IMX636 module for KV26 SOM devices with C-Mount lens
  • The sensor hardware is connected through the KV260 development board RPi interface
  • Delivered with an active marker demo and an LED tracking circuit board
  • Low latency <100 μs @1k lux:, with native high dynamic range >120 dB
  • Integrates the IMX636 1/2.5 inch format Event-based Vision Sensor with approx. 0.92 M Effective Pixels
    • 1280 ×720 array of 4.86μm contrast detection pixels
    • Ultra high-speed event data output (equivalent to >10kfps time resolution) with 1μs-precision time stamping
    • 0.08 lux Low light cutoff with high dynamic range >120dB


  • IMX636 CCAM5 (Sensor board with C-mount optics)


  • 2H premium support
  • Knowledge Center access (Technical app notes, advanced hardware manuals, Personal ticketing tool, Community Forum and more).

Metavision Active Marker Demo Application

A breakthrough plug-and-play Active Markers Tracking application is included in this kit. 

This application highlights unique features of Prophesee’s event-based Metavision technologies. It enables a new range of ultra high-speed tracking use cases such as game controller tracking, machine / construction site safety, heavy load anti-sway systems and many more.

Prophese’s event-based Metavision sensors reach ultra high temporal resolution and feature unique pixel-intelligent design. This enables high-speed detection and tracking of LED light pulses, total background extraction and real-time 3D pose information.

    >1,000Hz 3D pose estimation

    Complete background rejection at pixel level

    Extreme robustness to challenging lighting conditions

      Markets and applications

      Industrial Automation

      • Counting, Measuring
      • Inspection, Robot/AMR guidance
      • Machine Learning
      • Active marker based 3D pose estimation
      • Preventative Maintenance

      IoT edge devices and Smart Cities

        • People counting and tracking
        • Speed/Trajectory measurement
        • AI on-the-edge cameras

      Security Cameras

        • Traffic monitoring
        • Intelligent Traffic Systems
        • Fall Detection Cameras

      IMX636 (HD)

      Start evaluation of breakthrough stacked Event-based Vision Sensor realized in collaboration between Sony and PROPHESEE.

      This sensor was made possible by combining Sony’s CMOS image sensor technology with Prophesee’s unique Event-Based Metavision sensing technology.


      • Resolution (px) 1280 x 720
      • Optical format: 1/2.5”
      • Pixel latency (μs) <100
      • Dynamic Range (dB) >86* / >120**
      • Nominal contrast threshold (%) 25
      • Pixel size (μm) 4.86 x 4.86
      • Event Signal Processing embedded

      * DR >86dB (5 lux – 100000 lux) 5 lux is the minimum light level guaranteeing inclusion of all possible operating points.
      **DR >120 dB (Low-light cut-off 0.08 lux – 100000 lux) Low-light cut-off is the minimum light level guaranteeing nominal contrast sensitivity. For many typical applications, the sensor data are actionable down to this light level. 100000 lux is a virtual high-light limit, not experienced in experiment.


      Complementary access to an advanced set of tools composed of a support portal, drivers, open-source platform, tutorials, reference data and much more.

      We are sharing an advanced toolkit so you can start building your own vision.


      Prophesee software is based on an open source architecture, unlocking full interoperability and enabling a fast-growing Event-Based community.  


      With the Metavision Starter Kit purchase, get access to 2H premium support as well as our privileged Knowledge Center, including over 110 articles, application notes, in-depth technology discovery material, step-by-step guides and initial support from our expert team.



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