Prophesee’s bio-inspired vision systems set a new standard for machine vision


We establish new benchmarks in data compression, dynamic range, speed and power efficiency. We successfully tackle major computer vision tasks that today pose severe challenges to conventional systems across many fields of application.



Autonomous cars, driver assistance, collision avoidance, pedestrian protection, blind spot detection, smart airbag deployment, occupant identification and classification, drowsiness detection


Rehabilitation, vision restoration, robot-assisted surgery, blood cell tracking, sleep research


Civilian drones / UAVs, elderly assistance, domestic robots

Security & Surveillance

Motion detection and analysis, intruder detection, traffic data acquisition, crowd management, people counting

Industrial Automation

Industrial processes, inspection, monitoring, object identification, tracking, handling, high speed motion control/robotics, AGV, mining chemical processes

Instrumentation & Lab

Micromanipulation, scientific microscopy, astronomy, fluorescence imaging, x-ray crystallography

Mobile & Devices

Always-on visual input, user interfaces, air gesture, vision assisted speech recognition, environmental context


User interaction, gesture control, posture recognition