Announcing the first industrial grade, Event-Based vision systems

from IMAGO, Powered by PROPHESEE 

IMAGO Technologies and Prophesee, have announced their cooperation in the development of the first, industrial grade, event-based vision systems.

IMAGO VisionCam, Powered by Prophesee, embeds Prophesee’s Event-Based Vision Sensor and Algorithms initially developed for its reference system, ONBOARD.


With Prophesee’s patented event-based vision technology, objects are counted as they pass through the field of view, triggering each pixel independently as the object goes by.

By only recording the pixels independently triggered by changes, Prophesee’s Event-Based Vision captures the essential information the system requires and no more.

This new approach allows for unprecedented counting speed and accuracy

>1000 Obj/s.





Event-Based Vision unlocks new applications such as Kinematic Monitoring, designed to monitor in real-time any deviation in your machine production cycles.

A machine with parts moving following  a regular cycle can be monitored with precision by assessing if each pixel is triggered at the exact time it should be. The system will flag any deviation, spatially or temporarily,  before they can cause a production stop.

In addition, it can log KPIs, such as average cycle time and shutdown time.


Motion Period Irregularity Detection


Motion Amplitude Defficiency Detection



Drastically improve your predictive maintenance strategy by measuring equipment vibrations from 1Hz to 1000Hz continuously, in real time and in a non-intrusive way.

This information now allows your maintenance team to observe and understand any process deviation long before machines malfunction or break down. In this way, Event-Based Vision will ensure the longevity of your machinery, making your capital investments go further. 


1 pixel

Minimal Amplitude Detection

>1000 Hz

Maximum Frequency Detection