A new world of productivity and performance for your high-speed counting applications is now within reach with PROPHESEE Metavision® sensors and Software Development Kit.

Prophesee is the inventor of the world’s most advanced neuromorphic vision systems.

Its patented Event-Based Vision technology dynamically captures only the most relevant information, in real-time.



Accuracy @1,000 Obj/s.

>1,000 Obj/s.



>10 meters/s.

Linear Speed



Drastically improve productivity by counting objects moving across the field of view at a throughput of over 1,000 parts per second, in real time and with a compact, cost-efficient system.

Prophesee technology eliminates the need for ultra high-speed, matrix or line scan cameras, reducing the cost and complexity of your set up.

Event-Based Vision is now available for industrial deployment thanks to Imago VisionCam EB, Powered by Prophesee. For development needs, Prophesee Evaluation Kit is available.

2mm diameter pellets are projected in front of Prophesee Reference System ONBOARD using 10-bar compressed air. Counting is processed live, at the edge.



With Prophesee’s patented event-based vision technology, objects are counted as they pass through the field of view, triggering each pixel independently one after the other as the object goes by.

By only recording the pixels triggered by changes, Prophesee’s sensor captures only the essential information the system requires. This new approach allows for unprecedented counting speed over a thousand counts per second.

A traditional frame-based approach will capture the whole scene at a fixed, pre-defined frame-rate, without taking the scene dynamics into account. The overall system load is unnecessarily high and limits maximal speed potential.

To increase accuracy, mirrors can be used to provide multiple views of the objects flows. This allows to bring robustness to occlusion while keeping the simplicity of a single vision system.






Prophesee’s patented event-based VGA sensor counts moving objects at time resolutions of 10’s of microseconds and is not subject to motion blur.

Because each pixel is independently triggered by motion, objects can never move from more than one pixel between two acquisitions. This means event-based algorithms can follow objects smoothly, even at very high speeds. Because of this, vision processes like counting and tracking can be realized on low-end computing systems.

Onboard and Imago VisionCam EB run all processing on their own. There is no need for expensive high-performance external computers anymore.


10’s of microseconds

Time resolution



Motion blur 


The technology can be deployed to count a wide variety of products, giving many industries a new competitive edge.









High-speed cameras capable of >10k frames per second are sometimes purchased or rented at great expense for counting purposes. The Prophesee Onboard reference system or Imago VisionCam EB can be purchased at a fraction of the cost for ultra high-speed counting and analysis that is both real time and continuous.

The systems can be deployed in quantity, dramatically decreasing the cost-per-count ratio. 

As the system runs with a mobile grade computing platform, the final architecture is more compact and the maintenance is easier.



Cost per count in the industry



Computing platform