Prophesee’s Metavision®

Intelligence Suite opens up its core so you can build your own vision


We are opening up the core of Metavision Intelligence to enable the community of industrials, academics, inventors to create value collectively. By leveraging this Open Source material you can fully contribute to advancing Event-Based Vision as the defining machine vision trend of this decade.


OpenEB is composed of 6 fundamental software modules released under open source license.  They enable anyone to get a better understanding of Event-Based Vision, directly interact with events and build their own applications or plugins. 

As a camera manufacturer, ensure your customers benefit from the most advanced Event-Based software suite available by building your own plugin.

As a creator, scientist, academic, join and contribute to the fast-growing Event-Based Vision community.

Main modules
  • HAL: Abstraction layer allowing MIS to operate with any Event-Based Vision hardware.
  • BASE: Foundations and definitions of Event-Based applications.
  • CORE: Generic algorithms to visualize, event stream manipulation, applicative pipeline generation.
  • DRIVER: High-level abstraction to easily interact with Event-Based cameras.
  • UI: Viewer and display controllers for Event-Based data.
  • CORE ML: Generic functions for Machine Learning, event_to_video and video_to_event pipelines.

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Develop your own plugins using Prophesee camera Open Source plugins as examples. Unlock compatibility between Metavision Intelligence Suite and your hardware equipment to your customers. Read more about implementations from Century Arks’ SilkyEvCam and IMAGO’s VisionCam EB.


Join the largest Event-Based Vision software project today by contributing to our Github repository.