Sony to Release Two Types of Stacked Event-Based Vision Sensors with the Industry’s Smallest*1 4.86μm Pixel Size for Detecting Subject Changes Only


Atsugi, Japan — Sony Semiconductor Solutions Corporation (“Sony”) today announced the upcoming release of two types of stacked event-based vision sensors. These sensors designed for industrial equipment are capable of detecting only subject changes, and achieve the industry’s smallest*1 pixel size of 4.86μm.

These two sensors were made possible through a collaboration between Sony and Prophesee, by combining Sony’s CMOS image sensor technology with Prophesee’s unique event-based vision sensing technology. This enables high-speed, high-precision data acquisition and contributes to improve the productivity of the industrial equipment.


Stacked event-based vision sensors Left:IMX636 Right:IMX637 

As part of the collaboration between Sony and Prophesee on these products, Metavision® Intelligence Suite, an event signal processing software optimized for sensor performance, is available from Prophesee. Combining Sony’s event-based vision sensors with this software will enable efficient application development and provide solutions for various use cases.

*1: Among stacked event-based vision sensors. According to Sony research (as of announcement on September 9, 2021).

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