What is event based vision?

Event-based vision functions like the eye and the brain to overcome inherent limitations of conventional machine vision.

EVENT: Prophesee at CVPR

Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition Conference 2018 - Prophesee will be attending the 2018 CVPR conference in Salt Lake City, Utah, from June 18th to 22nd. CVPR is the top conference in the world for computer vision, selectively uniting industry leaders to present...

EVENT: Prophesee launches Onboard at CONTROL

Prophesee will present ONBOARD, the first event-based reference system, at CONTROL 2018 CONTROL trade fair 2018 - Prophesee will be attending CONTROL from April 24th to 27th in Stuttgart. CONTROL is an international trade fair for quality assurance uniting almost 900...

Prophesee awarded Innovation Prize 2018 by Telecom Paris Tech

The committee awarded Prophesee the Innovation prize for its work on sensors for autonomous vehicles, describing Prophesee as “at the forefront on technological innovation in the sector” (“à la pointe des innovations technologiques du secteur”) for its development of the world’s first bio-inspired machine vision system.


In the fast-growing markets for factory automation, IoT, and autonomous vehicles, CMOS image sensors appear destined for a role capturing data not for human consumption but for machines to see what they need to make sense of the world.

EVENT: Prophesee at FUTUR.E.S

Prophesee will be demoing its groundbreaking bioinspired machine vision at FUTUR.E.S hosted at the Cap Digital headquarters in Paris 10.

VIDEO: Bio-Inspired Solutions for Artificial Vision

Luca Verre, CEO & Founder of Chronocam, explains what is meant by bio-inspired vision and why today it is more important than ever to rethink computer vision. PARIS, October 27, 2017 – Luca Verre, CEO and co-founder of Chronocam, was invited to take the stage at...

Chronocam at FUTUR.E.S

December 7, 2017 - Chronocam will be demoing its groundbreaking bioinspired machine vision at FUTUR.E.S hosted at the Cap Digital headquarters in Paris 10. FUTUR.E.S #HumainxMachine will take a look at the latest in HMI technology through a handful of startups...

Interview Luca Verre at AutoSens 2017

Luca Verre, CEO and Co-founder of Chronocam, interviewed by Carl Antony for AutoSens TV Exploring Chronocam's bio-inspired machine vision, CEO Luca Verre chats with AutoSens TV and demonstrates how the technology can be deployed for autonomous vehicles and how it...

Luca Verre to speak at INSEAD

On November 7, 2017 from 5-30-9pm, Chronocam CEO Luca Verre will take the stage at the INSEAD Entrepreneurship & Social Impact Networking Forum in Fontainebleau, France taking place on the INSEAD Europe Campus. This unique event will bring together current INSEAD...